Massey Blue Bullies  is located in Gastonia N.C.
20min outside of 
Charlotte N.C.
For the past 5 years we have been breeding the American Pit Bull Terrier
(BULLIES) It is our kennel goal to produce some of the best bullies out there. And yes our bullies are
show quality.  We have worked our way into this business for one reason only, The Love Of
The Breed. Massey Blue Bullies are NOT BACK YARD BREEDERS. If you are interested in this breed, we want you to know that you can't go wrong. There's more to it than just owning a dog. This bred is fun , exciting, and competitive.
We specialize in short and standard size blue bullies. Our bloodlines are Razor Edge and
Gottiline . All our bullies are UKC PR or ABKC registered.  We also strive to produce the biggest head and widest chest on our dogs and puppies. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments . Massey Blue Bullies hopes to inspired you to consider this breed as a new memeber to your family. 
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Cory & Tammara